Resources and Inspiration for Acting and Theatre Addicts

Here are some resources for acting and theatre that I find really inspirational. This page will help beginning, intermediate, and advanced actors and directors who want to understand the craft of acting to answer the following questions:

  • How to break into professional acting for film, television, and theatre.
  • How to find monologues for and prepare for an audition.
  • How to choose a monologue for an audition.
  • How to practise your craft.
  • How to warm up before a rehearsal, audtion, or performance.
  • How to rehearse on your own when you are in a play.
  • How to overcome acting blocks.
  • What the difference is between acting for theatre and acting for film and television?
  • How to organize your acting career and promote yourself as an actor.
  • How to shore yourself up as an actor and weather the emotional life of an actor.
  • How to develop yourself physically as an actor and how to develop your physical freedom and expressiveness.
  • How to develop vocal freedom and expressiveness.
  • How to tap into your natural spontaneity and imagination as an actor.

Fourteen Essential Books
Podcasts about Acting and Theatre